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Professional and Personal Coaching

My coaching practice fosters transformative and collaborative leaders, helping people find opportunities and transformation in times of transition and change. Coaching is future focused and action oriented. It seeks to cultivate sustained growth in habits, behaviors and skills to make up a life well lived.

Scroll through to read more about individual and team coaching, and how to set up an exploratory appointment.

Individual Coaching

Are you exploring some of the deeper questions about who you want to be? How you want to show up for your colleagues, friends and family? What impact you want to have on the world?

As a leadership coach, I’m hired by innovative thinkers who also want to execute their big ideas, and who are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity and scale of what they are trying to accomplish. We work together to expand the leadership skills they need to mobilize teams in service of their vision, so they can have a positive impact in the world.

I love working with change-makers and do-gooders, creators and creatives, pragmatic optimists and optimistic pessimists, people who lead from the top down and from the bottom up. People who have a connection to a deeper sense of purpose - and who approach their lives with at least a little humor and gentle irreverence.

In 2019, I became certified to administer the EQi2.0 - a widely used emotional and social intelligence assessment. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and to understand and respond effectively to the emotions of others. Research has shown that emotional intelligence is crucial to the success of both individuals and teams. This can be a powerful tool to support coaching.

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