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Professional and Personal Coaching

I launched a professional coaching practice in 2018 to foster transformative and collaborative leaders, to help people find opportunity and transformation in times of transition and change, and to support people in their search for wisdom and a life well-lived.

Individual Coaching

Are you in a period of transition or change? Feeling stuck and wanting to get unstuck? Seeking a confidential conversational partner who can support you in deepening your leadership and conversational skills? Coaching may be a good fit for you. 

I love working with changemakers and do-gooders, creators and creatives, pragmatic optimists and optimistic pessimists, people who lead from the top down and from the bottom up. People who have a connection to a deeper sense of purpose - and who approach their lives with at least a little humor and gentle irreverence.

I am trained as an ontological coach. This means that rather than solely exploring what you are doing and the results you are seeing, we focus on your way of being as the path to change. This can expand the possibilities you see for yourself, the actions you can take, and the habits you can establish to create lasting change.

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"Working with Deb was an invaluable experience. Her ability to ask insightful questions and to listen openly to my responses, allowed me the time and space to be self-reflective and to get to know myself better. The process she uses helped shine a light on how I was showing up in my life and let me see what was working and what was not. Deb has a unique combination of genuine kindness and a truly perceptive nature that made it easy for me to be honest with her and to receive feedback from her. After months working with Deb, I felt more at ease with myself, more able to let go of old and unproductive habits, and more confident in my ability to take on new challenges." --- S.G. 2018