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Hello, 2021

The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed.

- Adam Grant

Quintessential COVID Selfie

This is the time of year when I normally try to slow down, reflect on the past year, and plan loosely for the year to come.

The other day, I pulled up the plan I created for myself in December of 2019.

As you might imagine, a lot of it went out the window in 2020.

Surprisingly, I didn't get completely derailed. At least not with regards to the important stuff. My thoughts on what brings me joy in my work and life have not shifted overly much, although my ability to embrace them in 2020 was challenged to say the least. Let's just say I got better at asking for help when I needed it.

Long term relationships with clients and partners profoundly changed in the absence of face to face time, sometimes for the worse but often for the better. Some projects and collaborations were delayed by 9 months and counting, or canceled altogether. The seeds were planted for new partnerships and new clients, which will come to fruition sometime in the future.

Multiple trips, including once-in-a-lifetime adventures, visits to family and friends, conferences, and regular trips for work, were canceled, delayed indefinitely, or completely transformed.

And yet, in spite of all of that, I was (mostly) able to show up from a place of possibility, hope, and optimism. Yes, that is in my business plan.

And here we are.

My enduring why that drives my work: support people in their efforts to positively impact the world through connection, communication, and collaboration.

What's yours?

- Deb

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